Anatolia Cultural Center

Mentoring Programs

Building a safe community and learning environment

One on One Coaching Sessions

Anatolia Cultural Centers Mentoring Program Services; Anatolia Cultural Centers has been providing mentoring to students from kindergarten to university since 2000. The program is designed to provide universal moral values to children alongside academic success.

Mentors are educated by professionals in the education industry to serve the best mentoring services to the community in Orange County. They have weekly and yearly seminars to enhance their mentoring skills. Mentors are selected from students who have moral values and success in their educational life. After the board of education in Anatolia Cultural Center approved, they started to mentor their mentees.

Mentoring programs include many exciting events and seminars. Mentors hold summer, winter, and spring break camps throughout the year. They have weekly classes with their mentees to increase mentees` Islamic knowledge. They invite students to safe houses, special events, sports activities, cultural, interfaith, and intrafaith activities to raise awareness in becoming a mindful citizen.

Mentors organize social responsibility projects with mentees. They organize beach cleanings, college guidance seminars, funding events to help poor people, interfaith events, iftar dinners, etc. 

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