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ANATOLIA Turkish-American Cultural Centers established in 2013 is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Public Benefit Corporation with a specific purpose of a dedication to promote harmony and multi-cultural richness in the diverse cultural setting of United States of America by introducing, informing, and promoting the Turkish culture to the people of United States with organizing various activities.

ANATOLIA Turkish-American Cultural Centers builds and fosters a strong and everlasting friendship and mutual understanding between the individuals of the United States of America and those of Turkish origin living in the USA. This communication and understanding will help to build a better and peaceful world with the richness of cultures and heritages.

ANATOLIA Turkish-American Cultural Centers organizes community picnics, community breakfasts, lectures, seminars, cultural art courses, cultural music courses, language courses, cultural cooking classes, cultural fairs and weeks, cultural nights, movie nights,  cross-cultural events and cultural art-photography-handcrafts exhibitions; and participates in all type of cultural events.

ANATOLIA Turkish-American Cultural Centers shares common ground with the transnational social movement known as Hizmet, a Turkish term meaning “service.” This movement derives its essence from the belief in serving humanity without regard to factors such as faith, tradition, gender, or ethnicity. With a presence spanning numerous countries, the Hizmet Movement is deeply engaged in the realms of education, interfaith dialogue, and charitable initiatives.