Anatolia Cultural Center



enrich children in a positive environment

Mentoring Time

Character Education

Qur'an Studies


Weekend School Programs are for KG-3rd grade students and the classes include the followings: 
  • My Faith Classes
  • Character Education
  • Quran Study 
  • Turkish Language
  • Mentoring Time
  • Reading Buddy
  • Club Activities (Chess, Water Marbling, Art, Piano, Violin, Cooking Class, Folk Dances, Science,  etc)

Our Areas of

Training Focus

We want to enrich children(KG-6) in a positive environment, help them become resilient and kind contributors to the society, while treasuring their cultural backgrounds..

Mentoring Programs

We have small class sizes and small groups of 5; each group has a mentor. The mentors are serving as a great role model for the younger ones. Each mentor is tracking her/his student’s reading and certain tasks, coming together with her/his students regularly.

Reading Buddy Program

Our mentors are helping new immigrants who are struggling with reading and comprehending  English. Once a week a student and her/his buddy come together.

Character Education

Everything starts with good character. It is our priority in all our programs. Both teachers and mentors are role models for the students regarding character traits. Resilience, gratitude, citizenship, kindness are the main character traits we emphasize. We set goals for students and track them weekly.

Language and Dance Classes

Diversity is a richness and we encourage our students to feel the power behind their heritage. We are offering language classes in Turkish and Arabic, and folk dances of various different cultures